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The subject of this article pertains to the canon of the Forrest Gump film but not the novel.

Wesley is an antagonist in the movie Forrest Gump. He is Jenny Curran's abusive boyfriend and is played by Geoffrey Blake in the movie.


When Forrest and Jenny are reunited in Washington D.C., she takes him to a Black Panther meeting and introduces him to her boyfriend Wesley, whom she lived with in Berkeley, California, and who is the President of Berkeley's S.D.S. chapter. While Forrest is Verbally harassed by a Black Panther member, he witnesses Wesley and Jenny talking, and then Wesley knocking Jenny to the ground. Forrest immediately runs and tackles Wesley into, onto, and over a table, and then punching him over and over, until Jenny interferes and pulls Forrest off of Wesley. Wesley then leaves, making a comment on how he shouldn't have brought her there and sneering glares at Forrest.

The next day, when Jenny is leaving, Wesley meets her at her bus. Wesley apologizes to Jenny, blaming it on the Vietnam War and Lyndon Johnson. Forrest angrily says that Jenny "should go back to Greenbow, Alabama!" (Forrest makes his point yelling Alabama, and staring at Wesley.) Then, Jenny and Forrest exchange goodbyes, with Forrest giving her his Medal of Honor, citing Jenny as the reason why he got it ("I got it, just by doing what you told me to do."). Jenny hugs him, and then goes to get on the bus with Wesley. While Wesley gets on, Forrest gives him the evil eye.

Jenny later revealed that some point after returning to California, she broke up with Wesley. She then started dating a musician. However, when he slapped her at a New Years' Eve party in 1972, Jenny knew this was going to be a repeat of Wesley and immediately left the new boyfriend.