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Hi, I'm Akamichi. I also go by Nicolae. I am a Romanian male and I speak a few selective languages but I'm not too good at! I edit the History Wiki the most as it is something I enjoy doing and I love learning new things (mainly being history). I have not much experience in coding, css, etc. but I can try helping you out if you'd like. I'm usually quiet in chat if I am ever on unless I feel like participating in a certain topic. My favourite bands are Sabaton and Final War. I enjoy reading books but mainly ones that are based upon fact. I am a Nationalist and enjoy talking about politics outside of Wikia, I also enjoy strategy games such as the Europa Universalis series, Crusader Kings series and the Total War series. Use my Message Wall for faster feedback and help.

//Nicolae - Akamichi

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Denne brukeren kan litt norsk.
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there isn't other levels of norwegian so had to use 1.

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