Here is a timeline of the Forrest Gump novel with attempts made to append dates where possible. Sometimes a date is explicitly given in the novel, other times we must infer it from the dates of real-life events.

This timeline is a work in progress.

Date (given) Date (inferred) Event
Forrest Gump is born.
Forrest attends a school for variously disabled children for five or six years.
Coach Fellers facilitates Forrest's transfer to the local high school so he can play football.
Forrest is awarded the All State Football award in Flomaton, Alabama; first instance of "I got to pee".
Bear Bryant seeks to bring Forrest to the University of Alabama to play with the Crimson Tide; his low test scores initially discourage this.
1968[1] Forrest is compelled to report to the local draft board for possible conscription into the Vietnam War. He starts a commotion and is "Temporarily Deferred".
Miss French seduces Forrest in her bedroom.
Mrs. Gump arranges a date between Forrest and Jenny Curran to see Bonnie and Clyde. During the movie, Forrest accidentally rips Jenny's dress and is put in jail. During his trial, he says "I got to pee" for the second time. He is let free on the condition that he leaves to play football for the University of Alabama.

References[edit | edit source]

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