The subject of this article:

  • exists in the Forrest Gump novel canon (including Gump & Co.)
  • is not mentioned in the Forrest Gump film canon
  • exists in real life (see Wikipedia article: Raquel Welch)
Raquel Welch

An iconic image of Welch from the 1966 movie One Million Years B.C. This image is not from any member of the Forrest Gump universe.

Raquel Welch is an American actress and sex symbol. She appears in the Forrest Gump novel as an actor in a remake of The Creature from the Black Lagoon. While filming a scene, Raquel's clothing is ripped off, and Forrest Gump, wearing a rubber monster suit, as well as Sue the chimpanzee, set off to find clothes for her.

Near the end of the novel, she is hired to make ads for Forrest's shrimping business, in which she dresses as a crab and says, "You ain't never had crabs till you try Sue's!".

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