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Forrest Gump finds himself in Nashville, Tennessee under different circumstances in the Forrest Gump novel and film

In the novel Edit

Forrest comes to Nashville while taking a bus back home to Mobile in the Forrest Gump novel. While stopped over in the city, he misses his bus to Birmingham, Alabama, and must wait for the next bus.

He stumbles upon a chess tournament; unwilling to pay the entry fee, he idles around the entrance, and a former chess grandmaster named Mister Tribble catches his attention. Forrest plays chess against Tribble, and impresses him with his abilities. Tribble invites Forrest to an interzonal chess championship in Los Angeles, offering to pay his expenses (and split any monetary rewards). Forrest initially hesitates and leaves, only to find himself jailed for loitering. Tribble bails him out, and Forrest consents to go to Los Angeles.

In the film Edit

Forrest comes to Nashville from the Army base when he hears that Jenny Curran is performing there. He is surprised to find that the girl, having recently been expelled from university for an appearance in Playboy, is playing the guitar topless as "Bobbie Dylan".

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