The subject of this article:

  • exists in the Forrest Gump novel canon (including Gump & Co.)
  • is not mentioned in the Forrest Gump film canon
  • exists in real life (see Wikipedia article: Los Angeles)

Forrest Gump finds himself in Los Angeles, California in the Forrest Gump novel. While in Nashville, he had been invited to come by Mister Tribble to attend an interzonal championship in chess.

While in Los Angeles, Forrest is invited by director Mister Wilkins to star in a remake of The Creature from the Black Lagoon. He does so, and meets actress Raquel Welch, but eventually ends up in jail. Mister Tribble bails him out, and he attends the chess tournament. He wins the tournament, but embarrasses himself in the final round, and Tribble cuts off their relationship for the time being.

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