Leg Lima 6

Leg Lima 6 is the call sign to Strong Arm of a patrol across the Blue Line, led by Lt. Dan Taylor. Leg Lima 6 is ambushed at Point Blue plus 2, and is very heavily hit by rocket and AK-47 fire from the tree line.

Quotes- "Roger Strong Arm, 6 taking fire from the tree line at Point Blue plus 2! Rockets and AK's, Over!"

The entire Strong Arm is killed with the exception of (Tex, Dallas, Dan, Gump, Cleveland and Dallas)


Most Known Operators (in the movie)

-Lieutenant Dan Taylor (Leader)

-Private Forrest Gump (From Greenbow, Alabama)

-Private Benjamin Buford "Bubba" Blue (From Bayou La Batre, Alabama) (Deceased)

-Private Dallas (From Phoenix, Arizona)

-Private Cleveland (From Detroit, Michigan)

-Private Tex (Most Likely from Texas)

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