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John Lennon (left) on the Dick Cavett Show with Forrest Gump.

John Lennon (October 9th 1940 - December 8th 1980) was a British Musician. He formed the popular British Group The Beatles in 1956 with Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison and the group had their first big single in 1962 Love Me Do and wrote many popular songs such as Here Comes the Sun and Let it Be. The group broke up in 1966. Forrest Gump met John Lennon when he was invitited to be on The Dick Cavett Show after returning home to the United States from China playing ping pong. Cavett introduces Forrest to John and John tells Forrest Welcome home. Cavett and Lennon ask Forrest what China was like to which Forrest replies In the Land of China People Hardly Got Nothing at All to which Lennon asks No possessions? And Forrest also tells them that in China people don't go to church to which Lennon asks No religion too? And Cavett says Hard to Imagine to which Lennon says Well it's easy if you try Dick. Lennon was married twice first to Cynthia Powell from 1962 until their divorce in 1967 and together they have a son Julian born in 1963. Lennon married his second wife Yoko Ono in 1969 and they stayed together until his death in 1980. They have one son Sean born in 1975. On December 8th 1980 John and Yoko were returning to their apartment The Dakota in New York City after spending the day in the recording studio recording Yoko's song Walking On Thin Ice when a crazed fan named Mark David Chapman jumped out and shot Lennon killing the former Beatle at the young age of 40. Forrest described this event from the park in Savannah Georgia as "Some years later that nice young man from England was on his way home to see his little boy and was signing some autographs. For no particular reason at all somebody shot him.

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