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Did You Know...?

  • ... that Forrest Gump was sent into space on a training mission to Mars due to his amazing abilities in math?
  • ... that Forrest befriended a orangutan named Sue who was also present on the above flight?
  • ... that Forrest starred in a remake of The Creature from the Black Lagoon?
  • ... that Forrest enjoyed success in professional wrestling as a persona named "The Dunce"?
  • ... that Forrest won an international tournament in chess?
  • ... that Forrest was given a harmonica by Bubba and found he had a natural talent for the instrument?
  • ... that all of the above is exclusive to the Forrest Gump novel, which also had a sequel?

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John F. Kennedy laughs after Forrest tells him of his need to urinate.

On several occasions in the Forrest Gump novel, and on one occasion in the film, Forrest is plagued by the need to urinate, often explaining "I got to pee", especially under high pressure situations, when many people are watching.

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