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The subject of this article:

  • exists in the Forrest Gump novel canon (including Gump & Co.)
  • is not mentioned in the Forrest Gump film canon
  • exists in real life (see Wikipedia article: Chess)

Forrest Gump learns to play chess while in New Guinea, and discovers he has an immense natural talent for the game.

In New Guinea[]

The educated Big Sam teaches Forrest how to play chess, showing him moves and strategy, but eventually Forrest overshadows Sam's abilities. One day Sam states that he wants to win at least one game against the talented Forrest, who deduces that if that occurs Forrest will be eaten by the cannibals. He continues to win game after game, until one day he absentmindedly falls into a trap. Knowing defeat is inevitable, he excuses himself with "I got to go pee" and plans an immediate escape. This fails, and he is captured by the cannibals - but then, the cannibals' rivals, the Pygmies, attack, and Forrest and his companions Sue and Major Fritch (along with Fritch's lover Grurck) make good their escape.

In America[]

Forrest stumbles upon an invitational chess tournament while stopped in Nashville on the way to Mobile, Alabama. There, he plays against the former international grand master Mister Tribble, who is impressed by his abilities, and invites him to an interzonal championship in Los Angeles. Forrest defeats everyone in the championship, but creates an embarrassment in the final round against International Grand Master Ivan Petrokivitch, and Mister Tribble discontinues their association. Forrest departs for Mobile with Sue, carrying five thousand dollars which was his portion of the prize money from the tournament.